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Meet Our Team

Everyone at Kikau Hut is committed to making your visit an enjoyable and memorable one. We seek to use as much local produce as we can and source our vegetables, fish, and fruits from the numerous small suppliers around the island when seasons permit.  

Being a small island nation we inevitably have to import certain items and we have a great relationship with our suppliers to ensure we can get the freshest and best that is available. 

We pride ourselves on the fact that all our desserts (apart from the ice cream and cream) are made in the restaurant kitchen by our chef's team. 

Our Head chef loves to create and he makes all the sauces which accompany our variety of dishes.  We also do all our own baking for our delicious array of desserts 

Kikau Hut, Our Team, Raratonga


Kikau Hut Restaurant




Mata Marsters - Head Chef


Mata has been Head Chef at Kikau Hut since November 2014 and has a great pedigree having worked in a variety of Junior and Senior roles in the industry. 

Mata is a born and raised Cook Islander but has spent many years abroad in Australia and New Zealand where he honed his culinary skills. 


He has worked as the second chef in the prestigious Harbourside Restaurant on Auckland's waterfront and spent 7 years at the Pacific Resort here in Rarotonga before joining the Kikau Hut as Head Chef. 

Mata is passionate about local flavours and seeks to optimise local produce to create the dishes we serve. 


Baciseva Rayasidamu - 'Lena' - Front of House Manager

Lena has been part of the Kikau Hut team for over 7 years and has spent over 12 years working in Rarotonga for a variety of resorts and restaurants.

She hails from Fiji and is a well-loved personality who will make your dining experience an enjoyable and memorable occasion. 

Gordon Brown  - Owner












Gordon and his wife Rebecca, have owned the iconic Kikau Hut since October 2015 and hails from New Zealand. 


Gordon has over thirty years’ experience in leadership in a range of roles and has led senior management to frontline facing teams and has the ability to connect with people from across all walks of life.

Gordon is a highly skilled and experienced civil engineer and has been involved with teams of over 100 people to deliver long-term collaborative contracts.  Engaging with, focusing on, and developing people has been key. 


Gordon is highly skilled in bringing people on the journey, to deliver transformation and culture change.  Gordon is an influential people and leadership coach.

Gordon’ just wants you to have a good time at the Hut .........


Rebecca Churchill - Joint Owner 










Rebecca has over twenty years’ business leadership experience, with over nine years of specialising in communications and marketing.  Rebecca brings a unique skill set to customers through her knowledge and experience in local and international business.


Rebecca is an inspiring leader who works with people to maximise their leadership potential and engages across teams to identify key talent to support culture change.

 She is experienced in delivering award-winning end-to-end marketing strategies that have enhanced culture, brand reputation, and customer experience.

Rebecca is passionate about building relationships that connect people to the business, creates culture, communication, and engagement, to deliver unique and positive customer and stakeholder experiences

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